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Posted: Nov 16, 2018

Dayton Fire Truck Involved In Crash On Germantown Street

According to officials, the fire engine was returning to the station when it was struck by a car that was in the firetruck’s blind spot near South Gettysburg Avenue. 

The driver of the car was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The firefighters were not injured in the wreck.

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Posted: Nov 16, 2018

Three Sunnyslope Students Ride Fire Truck To School

Three students from Sunnyslope Elementary School got to ride a Douglas County Fire District No. 2 fire truck to school on Thursday.

Fire Marshal Ray Shoufler said the school did a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser and the three girls who sold the most boxes of chocolate got the ride to school. Mya Blanton sold eleven boxes while Mia Medler and Skylah Cochran each sold nine.

The kids were picked up by Lt. Josh Wagner and firefighter Brian Parnell. They were outfitted with fire hats, badges, and other fire prevention material before heading to school.

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Posted: Nov 16, 2018

USSC Celebrates Grand Opening of New Facility

By Chris Mc Loone, Editor

Employees, customers, and partners all gathered in Exton, Pennsylvania, on November 16 to celebrate the grand opening of its new 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Located just across the street from its existing facility, company executives gave tours of the new location to more than a hundred guests before keynote speakers from various organizations.

And, the company is not finished yet. Joe Mirabile, president and CEO, USSC Group, said that the acquisition and renovation of the new facility took just 10 months and looks forward to new construction that will add 200,000 more square feet to the company’s footprint.

Guests were able to see vehicles using USSC Group's products, in this case a fire apparatus using Valor Responder Seating.

Among the speakers were Mirabile; Ray Melleady, executive vice president, USSC Group; Rich Heaney, from the Pennsylvania Governor’s Action Team; David Cosgrove, the American Public Transportation Association Legislative Chair; Gary Smith, of Chester County Economic Development Council; Jeff Knueple, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority; Mike Hompesch, Dubin Clark; and Dan Peters, president, REV Group.

Joe Mirabile, president and CEO of USSC Group addresses those gathered at the company's new facility grand opening.

The fire service knows USSC for its Valor Responder Seating and more recently the introduction of its Fogmaker North America suppression product. This investment in its facility doesn’t only represent the company’s health in its various market segments, but also a commitment to the health of Chester County, Pennsylvania. With the opening of the new facility, the company expects to add more than 200 manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania.

USSC is still in the process of moving all manufacturing from its current location to ensure there is no interruption of production.

For more information, visit

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Posted: Nov 16, 2018

Study Examines Results from O2X Human Performance Program on Firefighter Fitness and Wellness

O2X trainer working with firefighters

A recent study published by the Journal of Exercise Physiology (online) shows promising results for the O2X Human Performance Program. The study was designed to track the impact of a comprehensive health, wellness, and safety initiative on overall fitness and injury prevalence in active duty firefighters. With a total cost savings of $6.3 million, specific improvements included: 19% reduction in monthly injuries and paid time off, 39% reduction in monthly sick calls, 33.3% reduction in costs related to Cardiac disease, 23.4% reduction in Cancer-related costs, and a 20% reduction in neck injury costs.

“The drastic amount of cardiac events, orthopedic injuries, cancer rates, and behavioral health issues throughout these units is preventable,” says Paul McCullough, former Navy SEAL and co-founder of O2X Human Performance. “Our nation's heroes deserve this type of training, and we make it our priority at O2X.”

O2X trainers and firefighter participants

O2X firefighter training program

O2X trainer working with firefighters in a drill

Unlike standard, civilian-based fitness programs, the O2X program focuses on mission specificity and targeted training aimed at mitigating common risk factors faced by firefighters and other tactical athletes. After a 16-week training protocol, 96% of participants increased their push up score, 99% improved their total squats, 91% increased the number of pull ups completed, and 89% lengthened their plank hold duration. Nearly 90% of the participants improved in the key performance measurements related to their job readiness.

While a number of training programs focus specifically on physical fitness, the O2X Human Performance program is the first of its kind to target all pillars of performance: nutrition, conditioning, stress management, sleep, and resilience. By placing equal emphasis on the mental and physical components of training, firefighters were not only able to improve overall fitness, but also to develop resilience and better manage the impact of chronic job-related stress. This combination of mental fortitude and physical training resulted in significant improvements highlighted in the recently published study.

For more information on O2X, you can find them at and on social media at @o2xhumanperformance

O2X’s mission is maximizing human performance through world-class training and education. Founded by former Navy SEALs, O2X’s tailored EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum targets the specific issues facing tactical populations including high rates of injury, elevated cancer and cardiac health risks, and behavioral health issues commonly associated with high-stress work environments. Initially designed to meet the unique demands of tactical athletes, the science-backed methodology has also been successful with Olympic and Division I collegiate athletes, professional sports organizations, and top tier corporate teams.

The O2X team is comprised of U.S. Special Operations veterans; Olympic, professional, and All-American collegiate athletes; and more than 70 human performance experts who are passionate about maximizing human performance and helping others rise higher.


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Posted: Nov 16, 2018

USPIS Employs OHD Quantifit to Increase Safety During Mail Bombs Incidents

In today's world, a single fingerprint can be the difference between multiple deaths and a man locked away, safely away from the public. A Florida man has been charged with sending 14 homemade pipe bombs to political figures such as former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, among others.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently stated: "We need all hands on deck, we need to stay vigilant!" He characterized the 14 explosive devices recovered as improvised explosive devices (IEDs). So how did these explosive devices not make it directly to these high-profile, targeted individuals?

It is the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) that we have to thank for intercepting these potentially deadly devices. Without them, the news would be much different, potentially covering 14 recent pipe bomb deaths.

How does mask fit testing play a part?

The USPIS plays a vital role in the safety of mail being delivered to Presidents, to your neighbors, to yourself. Hazardous materials are, unfortunately, regularly sent via mail, with an example being the Anthrax attacks in 2001. OHD is proudly partnered with the USPIS with the use of the Quantifit mask fit tester in all 50 states to keep their employees safe from said hazardous materials.

We recently got the chance to speak with Bob D., Program Manager for the USPIS - Dangerous Mail Investigations Unit. He had this to say about the partnership:

"The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has over 400 specially trained Dangerous Mail Investigations (DMI) Postal Inspectors who respond to suspicious substances and/or items which can be associated with the U.S. Mail. On a given year inspectors may respond to over 2,000 of these types of events. Following stringent DMI screening protocols, these substances are often classified as non-hazardous. These same screening protocols required the inspectors to wear protective respirators, either half masks or full face respirators."

Bob went on to speak directly about their use of the OHD Quantifit:

"To ensure these respirators are properly fitted, the USPIS utilizes the OHD Quantifit fit testing unit to conduct fit testing. We have found the Quantifit to be fast and easy to use as opposed to other fit testing units. During our initial DMI certification process, we have to fit test 24-48 individuals with their assigned respirators. This process needs to occur as quickly as possible and the Quantifit fills that role."

The OHD Quantifit utilizes a patented controlled negative pressure technology that uses only air as its challenge agent to perform a mask fit test in less than three minutes. It is considered to be the most stringent and accurate fit test on the market.

Luke Allen, VP of Sales for OHD, is very grateful for partnerships like this and stated that:

"It's partnerships like this that make OHD grateful for the mask fit test technology we posses. It is OHD's top priority to protect the health of the world's workforce and there is no better example than the partnership with the USPIS. Many times these safety efforts are behind the scenes, but the last few weeks we have seen their work come into full focus during the events of the hazardous mailings. We at OHD would like to thank the USPIS for the exemplary work they do and for their commitment to excellence in safety."

OHD exists to help workers like you feel safe. Interested in more information about the OHD Quantifit Mask Fit Tester?

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