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Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Behind The Wheel: After Long Career, Firetruck Finds New Home In Royal Oak

Thompson currently owns a 1978 Ford F-700 firetruck pumper unit that’s all-original, unrestored and still pumps. He previously owned a firetruck for about 13 years, but he sold it due to how much work it required. Eventually, though, seller’s remorse started to kick in.

“I missed having a firetruck so much that I realized I had to get another one,” said Thompson. “It’s just a blast. It’s just stupid, crazy fun.”

Thompson, a retired General Motors Co. engineer, bought his latest firetruck on eBay from a collector in Flint in 2015. Before that, the truck had a long career that spanned multiple states and fire departments.

Although he’s still researching the truck’s history, Thompson said he has determined that the firetruck was purchased brand-new in 1978 by a fire department in Pennsylvania, and then it moved on to a fire department in Missouri. It made its way to Sedan, Kansas, in the mid-to-late ’90s, where it stayed in service until 2013. 

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Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Kodiak (AS) Seeks New Home For Fire Station Currently Located In Tsunami Zone

"If we do get a tsunami, worst-case scenario, the station gets wiped out," said Kodiak Fire Dept. Chief James Mullican. "The building itself is unreinforced cinderblock walls, stuff of that nature. We're in a highly seismic area, so the concern is, if we get a good shaker, the building could collapse."

Mullican said the station was built in stages, beginning in the 1950's. The infrastructure also sustained significant damage during the earthquake in January of 2018 which was initially reported as magnitude-8.2 by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Today, the building's age shows.

"Multiple leaks through the roof," Mullican said. "Tarps up to protect gear."

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Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Asbestos-Containing Debris Found In Newburgh's (NY) West End Firehouse

Plaster coating a kitchen wall, joint compound on the wall of a first-floor stairwell to the second floor, and plaster coating a column outside a second-floor bathroom were each asbestos-containing, according to the letter. Per state Department of Labor code, the areas pose “an imminent danger to the health and safety of the public or an asbestos-related risk to the health and safety of the public from release of airborne asbestos fibers.”

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Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Spartan Motors Brings First Responder Safety to the Forefront at 39th Annual Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival

CHARLOTTE, Mich., Sept. 20, 2018 – Spartan Emergency Response (“Spartan” or “Spartan ER”), a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPAR), focused on first responder safety at the 39th annual Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival, September 13-15, at the Roscommon County Fire Training Grounds in Roscommon, Michigan.  The show featured Spartan’s S-180 fire truck, equipped with Spartan Advanced Protection System®, the industry’s leading apparatus-based safety technology.  Spartan also sponsored defensive driving simulators which were available for use by first responders. Spartan was proudly represented at the festival by their three Michigan-based dealers: CSI Emergency Fire Apparatus, R&R Fire Truck Repair, Inc.; and The Zahnen Companies. 

Fire departments from Milton Township, Michigan, East Mullet, Michigan, and Houston, Texas displayed their newest Spartan firetrucks at the festival, and the Frederic Township Fire Department displayed their newest Spartan S-180 and UST Tanker. Fire departments from Bayside, Alaska and Alverno Township, Michigan also had Spartans on display, alongside two S180  demo firetrucks. A total of nine new Spartan Emergency Response apparatus were displayed at the annual festival.  

The firetruck defensive driving experience simulator prepares first responding drivers for en-route emergency situations while they respond to a call, helping ensure they arrive to and from the scene safely. While in the simulator, the driver is exposed to numerous simulated interactions designed to illustrate improper yielding of emergency vehicles, and how to safely react. Each driver is given a defensive driving score, which allows for friendly competition between attendees. James Case, from Onondaga Fire Department, out of Onondaga, Michigan, took first place; Daniel Mosholder, from Sumpter Township Fire Department and Belleville City Fire Department, out of Wayne County, Michigan, took second place; and  Bradley Hirschberger, from Frankenlust Fire Department, of Bay City, Michigan, placed third in the simulator competition. 

“We appreciate our dealers and the many Spartan-equipped fire departments who were able to join us this year in our own backyard,” said Daryl Adams, Spartan Motors President and Chief Executive Officer. “The safety of our first responders is our top priority. It’s imperative that they’re protected to and from the call, so they can protect and serve others.” 

Spartan Motors continues to advance its position as a safety innovator with several industry-first apparatusbased safety features including driver knee airbags, outboard sensors, side impact protection, full side curtain airbags, smart restraints, and other standard features of Spartan Advanced Protection System®.  

The full list of vehicles on display included:  

IPS Pumper Milton Township, MI, Fire Department 

UST Tanker Frederic Township, MI, Fire Department 

Star Series CAFS Pumper East Mullet, MI, Fire Department 

Spartan S-180, 2208 Pumper Frederic Township, MI, Fire Department    

Top Mount S180, S111 Pumper  Metro Fire, Houston, Texas 

Side Mount (Star) Pumper Bayside, AK, Fire Department 

Poly Body Tanker (CSI) Alverno Township, MI, Fire Department 

Spartan S-180, 2208 Freightliner Commercial Demo 

Spartan S-180, 2106 Pumper Demo 

The annual Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival brings family, friends, first responders, and other emergency service personnel together to remember the brave men and women gave their lives in the line of duty. The  festival is held by the Michigan’s Firemen’s Memorial Committee. For more information, visit



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Posted: Sep 21, 2018

Somerville Firefighters Better Equipped wth $185,000 Federal Grant

News of the grant was announced yesterday by Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7th) during a visit to the Somerville Fire Museum where he met with town officials and officers of the fire department. Lance was instrumental in supporting the borough’s application for FEMA funding through that agency’s Assistance to Firefighters program.

The monies will be used to replace outdated self-contained breathing apparatus, or (SCBA). Known more commonly as air packs, these air cylinder, regulator and mask units provide breathable air during firefighting operations.

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