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Posted: Oct 19, 2018

New Fire Engine Is Properly Dedicated, Ready for Service - San Marino Tribune

“The new fire engine you see in front of you is a 2018 Pierce Manufacturing Type I custom fire apparatus from Appleton, Wisconsin. This apparatus was acquired in October 2017. It is designed for reduced maintenance; increased safety; improved reliability; and additional storage. It features a 500 horsepower Detroit Diesel engine, 500 gallon water tank and 15 gallon foam tank. It took nearly a year to design and manufacture and required three separate inspection trips. Next generation TAK 4 suspension dramatically improves handling and ride quality while significantly increasing front tire life.”

As the audience gazed in admiration, Rueda briefly reviewed the day’s purpose: a traditional dedication of the vehicle.

“In the fire service, the act of transferring water in to the new fire engine represents life, as well as always being ready to protect,” Rueda explained. “Once the water has been transferred from the old engine, the new engine’s lights will shine bright. The ceremony will also include the housing ritual, which dates back to the 1800s when horses were used to pull fire engines. The neighborhood would assist with pushing the engine backward since the horses were ineffective at doing so. So the fire fighters are in the process of setting up to transfer water into the fire engine and breathe life into the new engine.”
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Posted: Oct 19, 2018

A New Fire Station for Lake Silkworth (PA)

Don Kivner has been a member of the Lake Silkworth Fire Department for 53 years.  

"There's no other place to go we are landlocked building and we are right on 29. It's a real hazard when you are pulling out with the trucks." He told us.

That will all change thanks to a $600,000 dollar federal grant. The money allows the fire company to build a new fire station just down the road.

  "It means a quicker response time." Said Chief Jerry Walker,  

The Fire chief says the current firehouse is so small...there just not enough room inside the bays for their fire trucks..

  "When we set up our apparatus in the bays now we have apparatus behind one another. If we need an engine or a truck I have to take a piece out that's parked in front of that which is time-consuming." Said Chief Walker.

The new location will eliminate that problem and allow for fire trucks to get into and out of the station much more quickly.. Marion Deangelis lives near Lake Silkworth and helped push for the grant.