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Why not?

Author: WFC Staff
Why not wear your seatbelt?  Does your department have a policy of wearing seatbelts?  Has your department signed the Nation Seatbelt Pledge?  Twenty-seven fire departments in the state of Washington have signed along with the Washington State Fire Training Academy.  Two combined volunteer fire academies in Pierce County and the Washington State Fire Training Academy, class of 2013 have also signed the pledge.  With 500+ fire departments and fire districts in the State of Washington this is a very poor showing.  You can see the list of Washington departments that are 100% compliant with the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge by going to  The National Fire Service Seatbelt Pledge was created following the death of Texas firefighter Brian Hunton to reduce the firefighter fatalities.  Over 400 firefighters have died in vehicle crashes in the last 30 years; 300 did not have on seatbelts.  

There was an article in Fire Engineering stating that only 55% of firefighters wear their seatbelts which means that 45% do NOT wear their seatbelts.  

We in the fire service know there is a problem so why don’t we fix it?  Firefighters are not alone in not wearing their seatbelts.  The National Highway Traffic Administration reports that at least 42% of police officers killed in vehicle crashes nationally over the past 30 years were not wearing their seatbelts.  They NHTA also did a survey and found the highest use of seatbelts for the general public was in the west at 94%.  The State of Washington has the highest seatbelt use in the nation at 98%...

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Washington State Training Conference Recap

Author: WFC Staff

At the conclusion of another successful training conference in Yakima this year, the board would like to take a moment to thank the many individuals who made this event successful. There were some people that you saw frequently, but there were many others that operated behind the scenes perhaps for many months to make this event successful. 

We would also like to specifically acknowledge the sacrifice of those board members who have recently retired from their respective departments or have moved on to other endeavors, Lloyd Hazzard, Bryan Pearson, Gregg Sieloff, Vic Pennington and David Dodge. The board recognizes that it has been your hard work that has moved this organization to the place we are now. We thank you for your years of dedicated service to your community and to the members throughout the state whom you represented.  We will continue in the path you have set this organization on, and we will make it even better for the next generation.

It is the boards desire to continue to improve this conference each year. We want departments across the state to recognize the value of this conference and have them eagerly enroll their staff each year...

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