Data Analysis and Presentation for Fire and EMS

Event date: 7/24/2018 - 7/26/2018 Export event

Posted: Jun 12, 2018
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Snohomish County Fire Dist. #7

The class will use Excel™ for hands-on instruction 

and includes lecture, demonstration,

 and guided discussion.


Among the things covered are:


  • An introduction to statistics for Fire and EMS (without the difficult math.)
    • Use of Excel for analyzing Fire and EMS operations-related data.
  • Visual representations (tables and graphs,) which to use and when.
    • Methods for calculating compliance with NFPA 1710 and 1221: what works and what doesn't.
  • Understanding the differences between large and small data sets and the special considerations with small data.
    • Best practices in Fire and EMS data quality
  • Methods for setting realistic performance objectives.
    • Methods for consistently identifying and handling outliers in data
  • Quantitative tools for working with standards of cover 
    • Methods for calculating effective response force and unit concentrations.
  • Understanding and calculating percentiles, quantiles and cumulative frequencies.
    • Methods for evaluating units' order of arrival at scene by unit type.
  • Calculating and evaluating unit and system reliability.
    • Understanding the basics of correlation - understanding relationships between variables. 
  • Pivot tables, filtering, sorting and summarizing.

Methods and best practices for use of statistics in fire service performance measurements.

About Your Instructor, Paul Rottenberg

Paul Rottenberg is the President of FireStats, LLC, a Fire and EMS Education Provider and Management Consulting firm providing statistical analysis, deployment analysis and planning support to fire departments throughout the United States. Mr. Rottenberg first introduced this course in 2004 and has been teaching it throughout the United States since then, adapting the curriculum with technology, regulations, and practices within the Fire and EMS communities. He has taught this curriculum to over 3,000 Fire Service members from firefighter to fire chief and is a frequent Fire Service conference speaker on subjects related to statistics, modeling, and geospatial analysis of fire department performance, health statistics and risk.

Paul has been designated as a Subject Matter Expert on Deployment Analysis with the US Fire Administration at the National Fire Academy and served ten years as a paid-call engineer/EMT with a combination fire department in California.

FireStats performs quantitative analysis on fire department operational data for strategic plans, Standards of Response Coverage, accreditation processes, facility siting studies, and the establishment of baseline department, engine company, and ambulance performance measures.

Paul has an MBA from the University of San Francisco and a Master's in Public Health from UCLA.

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