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Attitude– Difference between Success and Failure

I ran across this article the other day and wanted to share it with all of you. I think this speaks to how important it is to have people in your organization that possess positive attitudes.  One of the main ingredients to creating and maintaining a successful organization is having that positive culture reside within your members and organization.  I have been in the Fire Service for 25 years and have worked with a lot of people which I am happy to say most of them have had a positive attitude. I believe that 99.9 % of people that demonstrate a positive attitude are the ones that will be the most successful at work and in life.  If you think about it who wants to promote someone into a leadership role that has a negative attitude. The answer is No One! Negativity is the number one killer of any organization and by placing these negative employee’s into officer positions is like giving the organization its death sentence. The good news is if you are one of those negative people it is not too late to change. Negativity is a choice. It is all in how you look at or perceive things. Please read this article and at the end look in the mirror and ask yourself am I a cup half full or half empty type of person, how do others look at you and your attitude?

ATTITUDE – Difference between Success and Failure 

History’s greatest achievements have been made by individuals who excelled only slightly over the masses of other individuals in their respective fields.  I am reminded of this when you look at athletes.  Most have significant levels of talent.  The same is true for the fire service.  Most of our personnel have strong predicated skills, abilities and knowledge.  So what puts the people excelling in front of the others?  Most times that small difference is attitude.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to spend time with many different fire departments.  The difference was captured by the late Ralph Jackman, Fire Chief in Vergennes, Vermont.  In a conversation standing in the apparatus bay of the Vergennes Fire Department he commented that his department did not have the greatest equipment or the fanciest of fire apparatus.  In fact he stated the sometimes struggle with the financial end of keeping up.  He did quickly point out that that his personnel had passion, desire and the right attitude to serve, which was the critical factor in the success of the organization.  He went on to further reiterate the importance of having a positive attitude and what that brings to the formula of success.  He stated, “Give me someone who has a good attitude and I can work with them on the other things.”

Certainly aptitude is important to our success in life or the success of an organization.  Yet anyone who has been around the fire service for more than a few days knows success or failure is precipitated more by mental attitude than by mere mental capacities.  We have to recognize the true importance of the total equation I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) + A.Q. (Attitude Quotient) = Success or Failure.  We have all witnessed individuals whose I.Q. was extremely high and their performance was low and the opposite of low I.Q and high performance.  The difference in each of these formulas is the attitude quotient.  There is very little difference in people, but that little difference, attitude, makes a big difference.

So how do we become successful organizations excelling in all aspects?  First we must have talented personnel in place.  We must foster positive attitudes.  This fostering is critical and it is not just the responsibility of the Fire Chief.  Sure it may begin there but the critical dimension is within the officers, especially company officers.  It is paramount that officers maintain a strong -positive attitude.  The true leaders and trainers of today’s fire service are the company officers.  In many organizations it is glaringly apparent that the company officers don’t possess the correct attitudes.  This is a serious issue because they begin to affect the troops as their leadership is mostly what these individuals see.  Just like cancer growing, attitudes spreads very quickly whether it is positive or negative.

Some Individuals would look at a pile of rubble and say “what a mess” while others will look at the same pile and say “what an opportunity”.  Which one of these individuals would you want leading the fire department in your community?  Most would say the one who has a vision of what that “mess” could be.  This is an excellent example of a positive attitude.

With all this said…how is your attitude?  Before you answer, what would others say if they had this opportunity to answer? I encourage you to take a true examination here.  As a chief officer, I hope my personnel have excellent minds and outstanding attitudes.  But if I have to choose an “either-or” situation, without hesitation I would want their A.Q. (attitude) to be high!

Introduction By: Thomas Mason, WFC Fire Training, Safety & Officer Section

Posted: Oct 23, 2013,
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