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Posted: Nov 13, 2020

Please help keep traffic responders safe this week and every week

National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (November 9 - 15)

We all know to pull over when we see a fire truck or ambulance with lights and sirens in traffic – it's almost automatic. But did you also know about the Move Over, Slow Down law for response vehicles on the side of a roadway?

If you're approaching emergency and other response vehicles with flashing lights on the shoulder, state law requires you to move over into the next lane – if possible to do so safely – or slow down as you pass. This helps keep the response workers safe. It also allows them to finish their work more quickly, which benefits everyone on the road. This summer the law was expanded to include highway construction/maintenance vehicles, utility vehicles and other vehicles providing roadside assistance – when they have lights flashing.

Remembering the Move Over, Slow Down law is important every day. This week, however, we're making a special point of highlighting it as we recognize National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week. The week honors traffic responders' vital work and raises awareness about the dangers they face every day while clearing crashes and other incidents.

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Posted: Nov 11, 2020

Emergency or work zones—Approaching—Penalty—Violation

Traffic Incident Management week (November 9 - 15)

(1) An emergency or work zone is defined as the adjacent lanes of the roadway two hundred feet before and after:
(a) A stationary authorized emergency vehicle that is making use of audible and/or visual signals meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.190;
(b) A tow truck that is making use of visual red lights meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.196;
(c) Other vehicles providing roadside assistance that are making use of warning lights with three hundred sixty degree visibility;
(d) A police vehicle properly and lawfully displaying a flashing, blinking, or alternating emergency light or lights; or
(e) A stationary or slow moving highway construction vehicle, highway maintenance vehicle, solid waste vehicle, or utility service vehicle making use of flashing lights that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.300 or warning lights with three hundred sixty degree visibility.
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Posted: Nov 10, 2020

Move Over, Slow Down

National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (November 9 - 15)

Every day across America, distracted and uninformed drivers pose a major threat to the safety and wellbeing of first responders who risk their own lives on roads and highways to assist those involved in traffic incidents. Please join us to reach the traveling public with roadway incident response messages that will help keep them and your personnel safe. On this page, we have compiled the resources of most value to Public Information Officers (PIOs) who communicate with media outlets, as well as to fire and life safety educators and others within your department who communicate with the public. We encourage you to explore the full web site.
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Posted: Oct 6, 2020

Join the WFC Fire Administrative Support Section Board!

There are many ways to get involved! If you or someone you know would like to be part of our team, please let us know. Anyone can join a committee on the board and the following positions are up for election this year:

Regional Rep
Regional Rep

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Posted: Sep 30, 2020

Cooperative Purchasing: The More Things Change… For The Better!


As you look to Cooperative Purchasing across the State of Washington to support your department’s purchasing needs, there are several organizations to choose from. All of these cooperative purchasing organizations have vendor agreements, customer service professionals and websites where you can find the documents you need to evaluate pricing and terms. Only one, however, offers a truly different cooperative option. NPPGov (GPO) offers the largest selection of Public Safety agreements focusing on quality Public Safety GPO offerings and providing support for Public Safety as well as the community at large.    
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