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FREE - Ambulance

FREE - Ambulance
Posted: Oct 25, 2018
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Free Ambulance to a Public Safety agency.  

The vehicle is a 1994 Ford E-Series.  The engine was having some problems prior to parking the vehicle about a year ago, but with a jump and fluids, was able to start.  The vehicle probably will require a tow.  The back end is in good working order, but it will need a new inverter.  Vehicle has nearly new tires.

Vehicle will be offered for free, and anyone interested can contact Lance Strite at 509-725-2979 ext 1186 or Tim O'Connell at Lincoln Hospital Dist. #3 509-725-2979  ext 1157 or email at

Due to a dead battery, unable to confirm mileage on the vehicle but believe its approaching the 240,000.

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