Every year at conference we honor those in the fire service who lost their lives.  If you know of someone who is serving, or dutifully served the fire service who passed away recently, please add their name so we can take a moment to honor them.

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Detail Memorial First Name Last Name Department
detail 5/31/2013 John "Jack" Chappell Pierce County Fire District 23
detail 5/24/2013 Joseph Kolisch Enumclaw Fire Dept./King Co. FD #28
detail 5/2/2013 Francis Russell Whatcom County Fire District No. 7
detail 4/15/2013 Lewis Kranz Enumclaw Fire Dept
detail 4/13/2013 James DeKoker Lewis County Fire District #6
detail 4/11/2013 Newton Stannard Douglas County Fire District No. 2
detail 4/1/2013 Russell Mead Spokane Fire Department
detail 3/16/2013 Paul Stewart Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue
detail 3/7/2013 Lee Van Doren Yakima County Fire District 12
detail 3/2/2013
detail 2/16/2013 Dale Mackie King County FPD #47
detail 2/5/2013 Byron (Bud) Clapp Redmond Fire Department
detail 2/2/2013 Don Hoogheem Spokane Fire Department
detail 1/25/2013 Henry " Hank" Munro Douglas County Fire Dist 4, Orondo
detail 1/25/2013 Lloyd Cloe Spokane Fire Department
detail 1/19/2013 Arthur Larson Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department
detail 1/18/2013 Arthur Larson Renton Fir and Emergency Services
detail 1/7/2013 Earl "Skip" Gest Benton County Fire District No.1
detail 12/24/2012 John "Jack" Noble III Benton County Fire District No. 1
detail 11/24/2012 Stanley Petersen Okanogan Fire Department
detail 11/12/2012 Robert Reischman Everett Fire Department
detail 10/15/2012 Denny Callison Federal Way Fire Department (King No. 39)
detail 10/6/2012 Samuel Amaral-Gallaway Yakima County Fire Dist 12
detail 9/29/2012 Mike McMurray Duvall KCFD 45
detail 9/19/2012 Francis Brown King Co. Fire Dist. #28
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Fireman's Prayer


When I am called to duty God,
Wherever flames may rage
Give me strength to save a life,
Whatever be its age.


Help me to embrace a little child,
Before it is too late
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate.


Enable me to be alert,
To hear the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.


I want to fill my calling and
To give the best in me,
To guard my neighbor and
Protect his property.


And if According to your will,
I have to lose my life,
Bless with your protecting hand,

My loving family from strife.