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Our Purpose:

  • To promote uniform training practices throughout the state of Washington.
  • To upgrade fire department training and training personnel within the fire departments of Washington State.
  • To make available technical information and guidance to the members of this Section.
  • To promote training programs for Training, Safety & Officers’.
  • To exchange information and training aids.
  • To promote and assist in the development of fire service performance standards.
  • To promote safety practices in all phases of fire department activities.
  • To actively seek uniformity in all fire service and fire related college curriculum.
  • To upgrade fire officer leadership and management skills and knowledge within the fire departments of Washington State.
  • To identify and make available technical information and guidance to the members of this section.
  • To advocate and support networking between fire officers in Washington State.
  • To promote and assist in the development of fire service leadership standards.


Posted: Jun 13, 2013

Train to Change or Tragedy to Change

Why do we train? All training is designed to deliver two things. The first reason is to reinforce good behaviors. Second is to effect or to cause change, to improve an individual. In order for change to take place an individual; that means you and me, needs to make a decision for change and commit to improvement on a personal level. Change must come from within. While we read, listen, and practice our crafts, we must actively strive for personal improvement; not just go through the motions...

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Posted: Apr 11, 2013

New EVIP Program

The Washington Fire Chiefs EVIP Program is changing.  As most of you know, the EVIP program is due for re-accreditation in 2013.  Rather than update the existing program, the EVIP committee elected to go in a different direction. 

We have attempted to update the materials to make both the instructors' and students' jobs easier.  This new program has a section which spells out the annual continuing education requirements, such as:  Accident Case Reviews, Rodeo, Road Course, etc.  It also has an Instructor re-certification requirement whereby instructors must attend a Train-the-Trainer course once every five years...

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12 Dec 2020 EVIP 3.0 Regional Training - Virtual Class 12/12/2020 9:00 AM

EVIP 3.0 has been streamlined to make better use of your time.  Highlights of this revised program are:

~Updated, Easy to use PowerPoint Slide Program

~Rodeo Forms and Checklists

~Clarification on Continuing Education and Re-certification Requirements

As part of the T-t-T course students will receive the newest EVIP program disk and all needed materials to immediately implement.

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City of Snoqualmie Fire Department

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Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue

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