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Fire Facilities

April 2023

Attending Members:
Scott Murphy
Brian Harris
Lonnie Rash
Chris Frost – Lacey Fire
Lee Ann Skipton – Kirkland Fire
Jon Beck – South Whidbey Fire
Absent Members:
Janeen Loughin
Bob Gear
Brian Gilomen
  • Training - Benz Air Engineering – Nederman Maintenance Training Class – April 18th -> 15 people attended. Various departments from around the area, as well as a hand full of Nederman mechanical vendors. Very well received and great networking.
Old Business:
  • Discussed some of VRFA’s challenges and first/new Facilities Technician who will be starting soon.
  • Kept the conversation going on the on-going issues amongst the industry.
New Business:
  •  Working on a new vision for the group and laying out what that will look like.
  • Also working on learning from WFC office how to add information to our knowledge base on the section page. (Lee Ann/Scott)


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To Serve Educate & Lead

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Providing leadership through service, education and advocacy.