Lithium-Ion and Energy Storage Systems

Below is information from the International Association of Fire Chiefs and President/Chair Donna Black regarding “Lithium Ion and Energy Storage Systems”.  The IAFC has been working on building and providing much needed resources for understanding what is Lithium-Ion technology and how does is effect the fire service and other responders to an “Energy Hazard” incident.
Please know that within the State of Washington there have been subject-matter-experts (SME) from a multitude of state and federal personnel looking at the Energy Hazard concerns and how can we assist agencies in understanding what it is and how it will effect operational processes.  From a small group of like-minded responders to task-groups and workgroups looking at the concerns from all angles to determine the proper course of actions.  This includes the following;
  • Use of local, state and federal resources (IAFC, NFPA, Fire Safety Research Institute-FSRI, US-EPA, US-DOT and others), to develop proper guidance for responders, fire, law enforcement, ems, emergency management, local emergency planning committee (LEPC), State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), tow operators-recovery groups, DPW and others
  • Environment concerns
    • Air monitoring and ground water run off testing
  • Short and Long term effects to responders, medical testing to determine what effects responders may be dealing with and outline personal protection guidelines
    • PPE consideration, testing of responder PPE for effects from the gases and vapor from Energy fires.  Understand what the chemicals are we are dealing with as well as looking at the cleaning and maintenance of PPE to ensure after complete cleaning of the gear, the chemicals are removed from the gear
  • Operational guidance to first responders to determine proper incident management and mitigation.  EV fires are not your average vehicle fire and should be treated differently.  More training is necessary in the area of Energy Hazard emergencies to assist first responder to understand the hazards and how to deal with them effectively and safely
For more information, visit the IAFC website


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