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2022 Legislative Session

The 2022 Legislative Session begins in January 10, 2022. The Washington Fire Chiefs Legislative Committee established our “Top 5 Goals” for the 2022 session, which were assembled by the Legislative Committee based on membership feedback. In addition, you will see bills we are following for 2022 begin to be added to the bill tracker as the session starts. 
  • Mental & Behavioral Health Proposals
    • Support legislative clarification to the scope of law enforcement engagement on mental and behavioral health responses
    • Support enhanced investment and training for initial response and wrap-around services for incidents involving mental and behavioral health crises
  • COVID-19-Related Issues
    • Explore opportunities for COVID-related financial support to fire districts and RFAs
    • Explore opportunities for enhanced recruitment and retention
    • Monitor Department of Health legislation to allow EMTs to provide medical evaluation, testing, and vaccines outside of an emergency in response to a public health agency request
  • General Operations/Policy Proposals
    • Support legislation granting fire districts of a certain size the authority to serve as their own treasurer
    • Support legislation clarifying the scope of virtual meetings and notice requirements under the Open Public Meetings Act
    • Monitor legislation from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner regarding balance billing for potential impacts on ground ambulance transport billing
    • Continue to explore incentive options for ongoing regionalization efforts 
    • Continue to explore options related to the 1% property tax growth limit, working with other local government association partners
  • WSAFM-Related Proposals
    • Monitor efforts regarding updates to the inspection and testing of fire and smoke control systems and dampers
    • Monitor impacts of code suspensions/delays due to COVID-19 and homeless/affordable housing efforts
    • Protect key programs and funding within the State Fire Marshal’s Office

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