Legislative Resources

2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Legislative Session begins in January of 2021. The Washington Fire Chiefs Legislative Committee has polled our members to establish our “Top 5 Goals” for the 2021 session, which were assembled by the Legislative Committee based on membership feedback. In addition, you will see bills we are following for 2021 begin to be added to the bill tracker as the session starts. Due to the uncertainty surrounding this year's session, the following priorities have been established as a draft, and may be updated that the political climate unfolds.

COVID-19-Related Proposals
  • Monitor Opportunities for COVID-Related Financial Support to Fire Districts and RFAs (both State and Federal CARES Act)
  • Monitor Impacts of EMS Recertification Delays
  • Monitor Impacts of COVID-Related Mitigation Requirements on Fire Personnel
  • Monitor Options Regarding COVID-19 as a Presumptive Occupational Disease

Police Accountability Proposals
  • Monitor Impacts of Changes to Qualified Immunity for First Responders 
  • Monitor Impacts of Changes to Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Monitor Impacts of Changes that Impact 911 Call Centers
  • Monitor Impacts of Law Enforcement Duties on Scene Security for Fire/EMS Response

General Operations/Policy Proposal
  • Explore Incentive Options for Ongoing Regionalization Efforts (example: benefit charge authority, etc.)
  • Early Deployment/Pre-Positioning for Wildland/Mobilization
  • Protecting DNR Wildland Firefighting Resources
  • Giving Fire Protection Districts Authority to Increase the Number of Commissioners from 5 to 7 Members
  • Explore Options Related to the 1% Property Tax Growth Limit
  • Clarify Piggybacking Authority Related to Job Order Contracts

WSAFM-Related Proposals
  • Monitor Food Truck Fire Safety Proposals
  • Monitor Impacts of Code Suspensions/Delays due to COVID-19 and Homeless/Affordable Housing Efforts
  • Protect Key Programs and Funding within the State Fire Marshal’s Office

WFC Motto:
To Serve Educate & Lead

WFC Mission:
Providing leadership through service, education and advocacy.