Membership Information

Fire Agency Membership FAQ's

What is our membership term? 
The WFC’s Department Membership is a calendar year membership that runs from January 1-December 31 

What is the membership fee based on?
You membership fee is determined by the Assessed Value of your service area.  This does mean that ocassionally your fee may go up or down due to a change in that assessed value.  If you have an update to this number and need a revised invoice, please contact the WFC Office.

Is it possible to pay my renewal invoice after January 1? 
Yes! We are flexible with payment and can work within your budget constraints. Membership renewals are sent out via email in October, and we will send a reminder in early January via mail for those departments that need to pay after the end of the calendar year. 

Who is included in a department membership? 
Any Chief Officer qualifies to be part of the Washington Fire Chiefs Membership. All other Department personnel may have unlimited membership in any of our five sections: Fire Administrative Support, Fire Mechanics, Public Fire Educators, Training, Safety & Officers and EMS as well as participate in our HazMat & Special Ops Committee. There is no additional charge for individual members within your department. 

What benefits will I receive? 

  • Discounts on Registration for all WFC Training Opportunities 
  • State & Local Legislative Influence 
  • Information on Emerging Issues 
  • Problem Solving & Resource Assistance 
  • Member Requests for advice, sample documents & information 
  • Access to the WFC Online Resource Library & Fire Service Directory 
  • Subscription to Monthly Newsletter, and Annual Washington Fire Chief magazine 
  • Free Job, Classified & Event Ads on the WFC website 
  • Member Discounts with Industry Partners 
  • Representation on Fire Service Stakeholder Committees 
  • Free Member Webinars 

How do I add individuals to a membership? 
To add individuals to your membership, you can do so by logging into the website and selecting "View Associates" from the left hand navigation on the profile manager.  If you need assistance, do not see the "view associates" options, or have a long list of people to add, please contact the WFC office.  You may also delete and update individuals through this menu option.

WFC Motto:
To Serve Educate & Lead

WFC Mission:
Providing leadership through service, education and advocacy.