Specifc Law Reference: Title 52

Title 52 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) provides the laws pertaining to Fire Districts. In 2004, RCW 52.26 was adopted by the State Legislature and added to Title 52 which allows for the formation and operation of Regional Fire Authorities (RFA). The RFA, in effect, operates like a fire district and thus has been codified under the majority of the laws applicable to fire districts. There are, however, differences between an RFA and a fire district in areas which will continue to be identified over the upcoming years related to legislative updates.

RCW 52.26 provides legal descriptions of the process related to the formation of the Planning Committee and its function (52.26.030 and .040); a funding model related to taxation or the benefit charge (52.26.050 and others within 52.26); organization of the governing board (52.26.080); the powers of the governing board (52.26.090); and many other pertinent sections related to operations of the RFA.

RFA Plans

North County RFA Plan
Renton RFA
South Beach RFA Plan
South Snohomish RFA Plan  
South Whatcom RFA PLAN
West Benton RFA Plan
West Thurston RFA Plan

RFA Sample Documents    

Sample Ballot Language B
Sample Communication Plan
Sample Interlocal Agreement
Sample Resolution Ballot Language A
Sample RFA Work Plan
Sample Steering Committee Work Product
Sample Vision Document


RCW 52.26